The Future of Healthcare in Africa

New possibilities for a continent

“The Future of Healthcare in Africa” is a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) based on research commissioned by Janssen and presented in Cape Town, South Africa, in March 2012.  Following similar research reported in “The Future of Healthcare in Europe” in 2011, Janssen is investing further in fostering an in-depth debate with all stakeholders to set the scene for the development of health policies that will meet the medical needs of our time.

This new report focuses on five possible future scenarios for African healthcare systems over the next 10 years. Thirty-four leading healthcare experts – representing the entire chain of stakeholders across the sector – helped the EIU’s analysts identify the key trends shaping African healthcare systems. These were then used to develop scenarios that depict the possible healthcare landscape on the African continent in 2022.

The report discusses the continent’s traditional healthcare issues, such as communicable diseases or financing healthcare in economically difficult circumstances.  But it also addresses less well-known topics, such as the threat of obesity and heart disease, the use of mobile technology, development of more preventive care, and more.

Download the report from this page if you would like to read the full story, or watch the video below for a summary. 


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