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Our Company’s Input for the G20 Meetings

Among the many things global political leaders have to discuss there is also an extensive agenda on global health issues. The G20, the G7 and others will increasingly be called upon to support the

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Janssen and J&J Take ‘One Giant Leap Forward’ for Healthcare

Janssen and J&J are taking ‘one giant leap forward’ for healthcare at The Organization for International Cooperation and Development (OECD) Forum in Paris on June 6-7 this year consolidating its

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Janssen’s Business Brief to the OECD: innovation in healthcare

Learn how investing in better health will benefit us as individuals. This is our contribution to the OECD Observer of 23 February 2017. Janssen is a keen supporter of engagement with all

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Confronting obesity in Qatar

The Middle East and North Africa region remains a hotspot for obesity, and Qatar is no exception. Like its Gulf Co-operation Council neighbours, Qatar shares the legacy of a rapid

Confronting obesity in Jordan

The Kingdom of Jordan, which is increasingly becoming a medical-tourism destination for metabolic surgery, is contending with its own obesity problem at home. According to data from the

Confronting obesity in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia finds itself at the centre of a public-health crisis that has made the Arabian Gulf region an outlier among developed countries. The region has some of the highest levels of

Confronting obesity in Kuwait

Kuwait lies near the epicentre of the global obesity crisis. The Gulf region has some of the highest obesity levels in the world, and Kuwait and neighbouring Qatar have alternately

Confronting obesity in the Czech Republic

Against a backdrop of growing obesity levels across the EU, the Czech Republic holds the unfortunate distinction of having one of the region’s worst problems with excess weight. Studies

The Case of Blood Cancer: Innovation and the Economics of Healthcare

While innovation is central for the quality of healthcare and improving health outcomes, it is also a source of increasing costs for governments. Confronted by fiscal pressures,

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