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Among the many things global political leaders have to discuss there is also an extensive agenda on global health issues. The G20, the G7 and others will increasingly be called upon to support the United Nations to address key health challenges.

19 July 2017 Find out more

Janssen and J&J are taking ‘one giant leap forward’ for healthcare at The Organization for International Cooperation and Development (OECD) Forum in Paris on June 6-7 this year consolidating its commitment to shaping business and policy environments that focus on better societal outcomes across the world.

06 June 2017 Find out more

Learn how investing in better health will benefit us as individuals. This is our contribution to the OECD Observer of 23 February 2017. Janssen is a keen supporter of engagement with all stakeholders in healthcare so that we may shape an even better future for public health.

23 February 2017 Find out more

While innovation is central for the quality of healthcare and improving health outcomes, it is also a source of increasing costs for governments. Confronted by fiscal pressures, governments have made efforts to restrict access to innovative treatments. While such policies are understandable, they are not necessarily supportive of the ambition to control the cost burden of a disease. This paper reviews economic analyses of the cost burden of cancer, and blood cancers in particular, and the effects that innovative treatments have on other sources of costs in the healthcare system or the economy as a whole. Janssen recently sponsored the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) summit.

14 February 2017 Find out more

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