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Confronting obesity in Qatar

The Middle East and North Africa region remains a hotspot for obesity, and Qatar is no exception. Like its Gulf Co-operation Council neighbours, Qatar shares the legacy of a rapid transition from a nomadic society, in which food was relatively scarce, to a Westernised society, in which fast food is plentiful. Extreme heat for most months of the year does not encourage outdoor activity, with people tending to choose the alternative of air-conditioned homes and malls.

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Confronting obesity in Jordan

The Kingdom of Jordan, which is increasingly becoming a medical-tourism destination for metabolic surgery, is contending with its own obesity problem at home. According to data from the World Health Organisation for 2014, prevalence of adult obesity has climbed above 30%.

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Confronting obesity in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia finds itself at the centre of a public-health crisis that has made the Arabian Gulf region an outlier among developed countries. The region has some of the highest levels of obesity in the world. In countries such as Saudi Arabia—where oil wealth led to dramatic changes in lifestyle earlier than in other Gulf states such as Oman—the crisis is especially acute.

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Confronting obesity in Kuwait

Kuwait lies near the epicentre of the global obesity crisis. The Gulf region has some of the highest obesity levels in the world, and Kuwait and neighbouring Qatar have alternately topped the regional table. In 2014 a World Health Organisation report found that some 40% of adults in Kuwait were obese, roughly midway between the levels of over 42% in Qatar and more than 37% in the United Arab Emirates. Child obesity is a growing problem in Kuwait, as is also the case in neighbouring countries.

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Confronting obesity in the Czech Republic

Against a backdrop of growing obesity levels across the EU, the Czech Republic holds the unfortunate distinction of having one of the region’s worst problems with excess weight. Studies suggest that over recent years the incidence of obesity has risen continuously.

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