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Investing in European health R&D │ A pathway to sustained innovation and stronger economies

This new study explores the reasons behind Europe’s rising healthcare costs and the corresponding stagnation in R&D investment despite decades of strong growth.

The report highlights a number of important findings:

  • Healthcare expenditure is estimated to rise from 13% - 18% of Europe’s GDP by 2030.
  • European R&D healthcare spend represents little more than half of that in the US.
  • The private sector in Europe accounts for two-thirds of R&D investment, with one-third coming from national or EU public funds.
  • While national public health R&D in the EU has risen significantly in the last decade, the pace of growth has slowed since 2009 and stagnated in 2012. Between 2010 and 2012 of all major European economies only Denmark presented growth (17%).
  • The report argues that increased investment in R&D has a fundamental role to play in improved patient care and economic growth in Europe. Such investments also play a fundamental role in responding to the rise in healthcare spending by potentially reducing the burden on already-strained infrastructure.

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