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Our Company’s Input for the G20 Meetings

Posted: 19 July 2017

Among the many things global political leaders have to discuss there is also an extensive agenda on global health issues. The G20, the G7 and others will increasingly be called upon to support the United Nations to address key health challengesThis includes providing global public goods such as health research and development and dealing with cross-border issues such as pandemics and AMR. Our world needs investing in universal health coverage and promoting strategies that build on human and environmental health.

At Janssen we believe that also the corporate world has a role to play in solving global societal problems. As a pharmaceutical development company, healthcare is obviously the area in which we can contribute. To do that we are keen to engage in the debate with other stakeholders in healthcare: patients, healthcare professionals, academia, local, regional and global authorities, private & public insurers etc.

This time, Jane Griffiths addresses our G20 leaders to promote principles such as innovation, collaboration and a healthy investment climate to help public health improve further.


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