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Janssen and J&J Take ‘One Giant Leap Forward’ for Healthcare

Posted: 06 June 2017

Janssen and J&J are taking ‘one giant leap forward’ for healthcare at The Organization for International Cooperation and Development (OECD) Forum in Paris on June 6-7 this year consolidating its commitment to shaping business and policy environments that focus on better societal outcomes across the world.

At this year’s event ‘Bridging Divides’ we will share and debate with governments, business, civil society and academia on the most pressing social and economic challenges confronting society today. Janssen will take part in panel discussions, interactive digital laboratories and debates in healthcare under the three main themes of Inclusive Growth, Digitalization and Trust.

Under the theme of Inclusive Growth Janssen and J&J will contribute towards the discussion on People-Centered Health. For the first time, the event features a 90 minutes’ session dedicated to healthcare. ‘People-Centered Health’ will explore how a more people-centered approach promises to raise quality, reduce waste and – most importantly – improve our health and well-being. Jane Griffiths, representing Johnson & Johnson is proudly participating.

As a part of the Digitalization theme under Artificial Intelligence, Janssen is contributing to a virtual reality (VR) demonstration. Janssen’s ‘SchizoLab’ will use VR technology to help people better understand what it is like to live with schizophrenia. The technology allows them to experience ‘the other’ and enhance both the patient-doctor and personal relationships.

The theme of Trust will consider Responsible Business Conduct. Janssen’s Steve Wooding, Head, Global Commercial and Market Access Strategy Organization, will participate in discussions on the ethics of robotics in the Forum’s ‘Idea Factory’ entitled “Me, Myself & A.I.”. It will explore the key economic, social, legal, and ethical implications associated with rapid advances in AI across several fields. Discussions will focus on how to best harness its benefits, while ensuring we are well-equipped to manage its risks.

Along with these collaborative efforts Jane Griffiths has contributed to the OECD Forum 2017 Yearbook you can read her contribution from this page.

Would you like more information on Janssen and J&J’s involvement? Please go to the OECD forum website or see the full event program.

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