Sept.: Blood Cancer Awareness Month... What’s in Your Blood?

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, which is an important opportunity to raise awareness, educate, and mobilise support around blood cancers, which include more than 900,000 men, women and children diagnoses worldwide each year.
  Janssen EMEA is launching a new social media campaign, “What’s in Your Blood?” This fun and educational campaign builds on the well-known expression ‘It’s in my blood’ as a way to sum up a person’s character or something..

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Jane Griffiths on transparency and the pharmaceutical industry

Jane Griffiths, Company Group Chairman for Janssen EMEA and Chairwoman of the EFPIA executive committee, talks openly to Pharmafocus. Read the full article here..

Blog: AIDS conference 2014 by HIV documentary maker

Dutch documentary maker Erwin Kokkelkoren, shares his experience at the AIDS conference 2014 in Melbourne via a series of blogs. The documentary titled the Time There-After is a triptych about life with hiv and aids in The Netherlands. The documentary..

European inventor award 2014 for Janssen-led TB research team

The European Patent Office named Drs. Koen Andries and Jérôme Guillemont and their research team the 2014 winner of the prestigious 9th annual European Inventor Award. From a group of 15 prestigious finalists, Janssen’s very own team brings home the..

Better access to tuberculosis treatment for low income countries

29 April, 2014 – Janssen (Janssen Pharmaceutica NV) has entered into a novel collaboration with the Stichting International Dispensary Association (IDA), a procurement agent for the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) to facilitate access to its anti-tuberculosis medicine...

Collaborating To Improve Health:
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Quote of the Month - Françoise Meunier, European Organisation of Research and Treatment of Cancer

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