Janssen is part of new Ebola vaccine development consortia

16 January 2015. New consortia with leading global research institutions and non-government organisations are to work in conjunction with Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies to accelerate the development of its Ebola vaccine regimen. The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) plans to award these consortia grants totaling more than €100 million from the Ebola+ programme to support the development, manufacturing and patient education for the vaccine regimen. "In the face of the global challenge of Ebola, bringing together the expertise and capabilities of the pharmaceutical industry, academic centers and..

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New European initiative for the prevention of Alzheimer’s

On 15 January 2015, the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia (EPAD) announced the start of a novel collaboration between academic and private sectors to test innovative treatments for the prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia. Janssen is one of the main..

Turning the tide against tuberculosis and other health threats

By Adrian Thomas, M.D., Vice President, Global Market Access, Global Commercial Strategy Operations and Global Public Health I recently had the pleasure of attending European Voice’s annual health check forum in Brussels where policy makers, patient advocacy groups..

Young talents shape the future of public health

On Friday 21 November the opening session of the European Health Parliament took place in the Google offices in Brussels. The 80 members of the European Health Parliament are graduates under the age of 35 coming from 20 countries, including..

Our global innovation effort reaches Shanghai

Johnson & Johnson Innovation, an organisation from Janssen’s parent company, announced the opening of the Asia Pacific Innovation Centre on October 29, located in Shanghai with satellites in Singapore, Australia and Japan. Following the opening of innovation centres in London, California..

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